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  1. breast cancer with or without the gene
  2. detoxifying from vaccines
  3. detoxification from heavy metals
  4. the infant and optimum nutritional health
  5. obesity obesogenics and healthy lifestyle choices including diet
  6. gut bacteria and disease manifestations
  7. oxidative stress, aging, and disease
  8. caloric restriction and fasting
  9. detox from gamma irradiation and xrays
  10. immune system cold and flu virus
  11. antibiotic restorative program for optimal health
  12. natural antibacterials and bacteria and probiotics and the gut microbiome
  13. eradicate parasites from the body simply
  14. environmental exposures water, food and toxic metabolites
  15. grow your own with microbial soup and minerals
  16. preparation and survival methods for maintaining health
  17.  all sources of media misinformation on your health
  18. the government's role in sick care society
  19. elderly nutritional support methods
  20. life saving vitamins, minerals, herbs and bioactive phytochemicals
  21. a personal epigenetic nutritional platform designed with epigenceuticals



     Misinformation is rampant in the vitamin / nutrition / health fields
  The most  often search topic on the internet is health / medical /
 alternative medicine,
prescription drugs / over the counter medications
illness/ natural remedies / diet /  cancer / doctors recommendations

Have you or a loved one, friend, or associate been disappointed
with the lack of trusted
 information regarding health / medical / nutritional needs?

I have worked  for years in the field of researching medical / nutritional 
healthy lifestyle habits, in relation to diet, nutrient dense foods
 and dietary supplements, including but not limited to vitamins and herbs.

   FACT as acknowledged by the USDA United States Department of Agricultue the mineral content has dropped
from 20 - 80 percent  in the soil and crops from apples to broccoli, carrots to  lettuce. 

If our foods are depleted in minerals knowing that vitamins do not work
without minerals the result is deficiencies in the body, mitochondria in the cells leading to
a host of potential  conditions that if left unchecked are the cause of numerous illnesses. 
Numerous scientific studies in both humans and animals display that
 micronutrient deficiencies create suseptability to degenerative diseases. 

We are under attack from environmental factors in contaminated foods and
toxic metabolites ie: xrays, insecticides household chemicals, toxins in the water supply genetically
 modifications of foods, unnatural hormones, antibiotics.
Nutrient depletion results from these potential carcinogenic substances along with GMO's.

I have found the SECRETS in defending yourself by the
intake of certain nutrients in foods and dietary supplements.

Mainstream Media, Chiropractors, Newspaper Ads   Dieticians TV  & 
Radio  Ads & Infomercials, Nutritionists, newsletters from Doctors 
Dr. OZ , Health Food and Vitamin Store employees, Physicians, DO's

            YES even the professionals listed here are educated and versed in their specialty 
however, they do not have the time to provide the most current evidence-based
research in the field of preventative health for you and your loved ones.
I provide you with scientific medical and nutraceutical studies in peer reviewed journals from
of higher learning, clinical studies, and technical papers that are the most recent
documentation. When was the last time you received any preventative health facts with
the actual paperwork defining the proven studies declaring there efficacy.

PLEASE READ …...HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART that nobody else gives you.

       I  give you actual documents data paperwork supporting
 my research by mail, fax, email, or text.

These supported documents give you peace of mind that there is validation to
 it is you are doing for your health and those near and dear to you.
It could be on vitamins,
herbs, nutraceuticals, foodceuticals, and bioactive compounds, 
 phytochemicals, and nutritional cofactors along with
 everyday foods 
 that provide nutrients for preventative health.
In addition I know the nutrients that each prescription drug ( RX ) and over 
               the counter medicines deplete
and  it's affect on the body and
             what you can take to overcome these assaults on your body or mind.

            The initial consultation in our healthy lifestyle mentor program is FREE. Yes free.....

   Here is how it works. You give us a call, email or text and I then go to work on

     what it is you are looking for help with; whether it be information on a particular

                                       product, remedy, health challenge, drug, food etc.


After you have achieved satisfaction with my consult and has qualified as a
SUCCESS event for you,
I will offer you an unconditionally guaranteed program
that allows you
to have access to me anytime for any health question.

Call or  Text  me anytime @  727-953-3343
                                                        email: fitgenics@live.com 

I will be happy to give you testimonials upon request from satisfied clients of mine.

                                                                                           Consult with your physician prior to starting any diet or nutrient supplement program.

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                                    and read our privacy security statement.

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ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act
CAUCE  Coalition Against Unsolicitated Email and are members of the
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